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Forensic Electrical Engineering and Expert Witness Testimony

  • Investigation, reconstruction and analysis of electrical and mechanical system and equipment failures.
  • Personal injuries: electrical contacts and arc flashes.
  • Electrically-related fires and explosions.
  • Electric service outages and consequential damages.
  • Codes, standards, and operating/work practices.
  • Expert reports.


Electric Power System Studies and Analyses

  • Reliability and power quality studies and assessments of electric generation, transmission, and distribution systems.
  • Reliability and availability prediction and engineering of complex systems including power plants, substations, and emergency and standby power systems.
  • Reliability and operating costs of electric utility operating policies, rules, and practices.
  • Development and assessment of reliability and availability standards and specifications for electrical systems and equipment.
  • Electrical systems and equipment reliability data collection and analysis.
  • Power plant operating and maintenance issues.
  • Rate studies including rate impacts and cost analysis.


Electric Utility Management and Power Supply

  • Electric utility management and resource planning.
  • Energy contracts preparation and negotiation.
  • Procurement of QSE services, ancillary services, power, and energy for wholesale load.


Power Contracts

  • Bidding of power supply for retail load.
  • Negotiation of rates and terms of service.


Reliability Training Seminars

  • Fundamentals of probabilistic methods and models.
  • Prediction and assessment of reliability performance of distribution and complex systems.
  • Prediction and assessment of reliability performance of large interconnected bulk power systems.


Expert Services