Forensic Electrical Engineering

Forensic Electrical Engineering


ssociated Power Analysts, Inc. was founded in 1973 to provide consulting services in forensic electrical engineering.

The firm has consulted for a large number of clients including:

  • electric utilities
  • power pools
  • industrial firms
  • electrical equipment manufacturers
  • research and governmental agencies
  • insurance companies
  • municipalities
  • law firms

Today, the firm specializes in forensic electrical engineering and legal support services. We study and analyse electric power systems with a particular emphasis on reliability, electric utility management and resource planning. We also help with the procurement of retail power contracts. Additionally, the firm has developed for-lease software packages. Our software is used for assessment and reliability evaluation of large, interconnected bulk power systems.



The principals of the firm and direct contact addresses are as follows:

Dr. A. D. Patton
Principal Electrical Engineer, Forensic Electrical Engineering


Dr. Chanan Singh
Principal Electrical Engineer, Reliability Studies


Mr. Dan Wilkerson
Principal, Utility Management,
Power Supply, Power Plants

 P. O. Box 11136
College Station,TX 77842
Office Telephone: 979-696-0010
Office Fax: 979-696-7071